Divi Theme: How to customize the footer (2)

As promised, here is the second part of the tutorial "How to customize the footer" I promised you two weeks ago. I know, I told you that would be available last Friday but unexpectedly blocked me for a few days and then I had to postpone the second part of the...

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Divi Theme: How to customize the footer

  In all my projects I always love to add the details that can make only the end result of my work, and something what I can not live without. Sometimes I happen to "pause a project" to find the right inspiration to create an item, a layout, a combination of...

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5 steps to make the Divi Header Cooler

  Have you ever had that moment when you turn on a light bulb in the head and suddenly you think of an idea? It is what has happened to me before you think of this trick which will show you how to customize the header of Divi for a completely new look and cool. I...

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The advice and strategies of 25+ Divi Expert

  You can try to create a business alone or you can learn from the best and leverage their advice to meet your faster and with better results targets. That's why I've put together a list of over 25 Web design experts, web marketing and web development that are a...

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Module Blurb: New Style Hover Expand

For my last child theme, Foody, I added a new style for the Blurb Module. It is an effect on mouse over that allows you to show the contents and social icons. This style can be useful when you want to create a Testimonials section or to show your services or members...

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